VTBA Membership Benefits

The Vermont Truck & Bus Association is a non-profit trade association representing the transportation industry in Vermont. As a member, you are informed of all federal and state regulations affecting the transportation industry via our monthly newsletter, seminars and mailings.

Services available to members include:

Legislative Support

You are well-represented in the Vermont Legislature. William Smith is the registered lobbyist for VTBA. Fleet and cargo insurance program through our partnership with Acadia Insurance for our qualified members which offers competitive rates, dividends, one hour claim service and more.

Educational Services

Throughout the year seminars on Safety, Forklift, Air Brakes, HAZMAT, Drug and Alcohol Testing, and more.

Drug & Alcohol Random Testing Program

VTBA has a comprehensive drug and alcohol random testing program that meets all Federal and State requirements.

Dental Plan

We have a fully insured product with Northeast Delta Dental. Members receive a substantial premium discount instead of going to Delta Dental directly. A minimum employee participation is not required.

Forms and Supplies

All forms and supplies required by State and Federal Governments for the transportation industry are available through the VTBA office. We buy our materials in bulk to offer you the lowest prices in the state.


A monthly newsletter containing industry updates, regulation changes and information pertinent to your business.


We have a library of several videos for sale or rent. Contact us for a list of titles.

Membership Rates

Business ClassificationRate (Per Year)
Regular (0 to 5 Units)$200
Each additional unit (Over 5)$30
Maximum Rate (39 units or more)$1,390
Multiple Vehicles Under 10,000 pounds$200
Associate Member$260
Associate Vendor$250

Business Classifications


Any company or person directly using trucks or buses for their line of business. The regular rate was established for companies owning or leasing up to five vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 10,000 lbs. or more. An additional $30 is charged for each vehicle from six or more to a maximum charge of $1,390.

Associate Vendor Dealers

Dealers in automobiles, trucks, truck-trailers or buses, and parts wholesalers.

Associate Members

Major oil companies, manufacturers and insurance companies.

Multiple Vehicles under 10,000 pounds

Any company that owns or leases vehicles under 10,000 pounds GVWR.


Does fall under other classifications.

Political Action Committee Contribution

We ask that you contribute to our PAC, which helps with additional legislation issues.