DOT Collectors Training

Save time and money by doing your drug and alcohol testing on-site!

Train a member of your staff to do your drug and alcohol testing collections on-site. VTBA proudly presents certification training at our Concord, New Hampshire office.

Below we’ve covered some of our most frequently asked questions.

How much can I save on the cost of each test and all the collateral costs?

You will almost certainly save at least one hour of each driver’s time, along with fuel savings to and from testing sites. It is estimated that the average company will recoup the training cost in savings from just two collections!

It seems like this would be too much work for my staff. How would this work for me?

Our one-day training course will teach you all you need to know. Collections are straightforward once you’ve learned the rules and regulations. Our experienced instructors will ensure that your certified collection personnel is fully trained and comfortable with the procedures.

What will I do after the training to obtain certification for my collection personnel?

Nothing! Each person who attends the training and completes the Initial proficiency demonstration satisfactorily will receive a certificate authorizing them to begin collecting samples immediately.

What does the Initial proficiency demonstration entail, and will it be hard to pass?

The initial proficiency demonstration is done as part of the training, and requires five consecutive error-free mock collections as required by Title 49, CFR Part 40.33. Each trainee will be provided ample training and practice sessions to ensure easy completion of the Initial proficiency demonstration. This is simply done to prove that the trainee can collect error-free specimens.

How often will my Certified Collection Professional have to attend refresher training?

Refresher training is only required every five years.