Hazardous Materials Refresher

This program is for fuel dealers and tank drivers. The program meets the requirements of 49 CFR Part 172.704, and 177.800(c). This is a required training for all HazMat employees. Mandatory testing is included, and a Certificate of Training will be awarded.

For more information regarding HazMat Refresher, please contact Mary Grace Johansen at (603) 415-8402.

Per CFR 177.800(c), Responsibility for Training

A carrier may not transport a hazardous material by motor vehicle unless each of its hazmat employees involved in that transportation is trained as required by this part and subpart H of part 172 of this subchapter.

Employees must be trained within 90 days after the hire date; retraining is required every three years.

This session is intended as a refresher and does not meet the ELDT requirements.

The following information is covered in this course.

  • Shipping Papers
  • Packaging and Marking
  • Hazardous Materials Table
  • Placarding and Labeling
  • Loading and Segregation
  • Emergency Response Information
  • HazMat Classification
  • Transportation Safety and Security