What are the training requirements?

The training requirements are for supervisors of drivers only. They must have one hour of training in recognizing the signs of substance abuse and one hour of training in recognizing the signs of alcohol misuse for a total of two hours. This training only has to done once and should be documented in their file as to the date completed.


What is a company policy?

The DOT Agencies require employers to have written policies for their DOT testing programs. At a minimum, these policies must contain specific information required by the appropriate DOT Agency. Your policies must clearly delineate between the items and actions which are required by DOT and which are required by the company or employer. We provide a sample policy with our program for your review. You can write your own policy use this sample policy as a guideline to meet your company needs.


How much do the tests costs?

Each drug test costs $48.00. In the event the initial test is positive, and the second part of the split sample is tested (only the driver can request this), there is an additional charge. Each alcohol test varies in price depending on the collection site used. There is also an additional charge for a confirmation test (this is only done if the first test is positive) and the driver requests a retest. We have a list of collection sites so that you can make the decision of where you want to go for collections. You will not incur any costs at the collection site, provided the employee brings the custom Chain of Custody forms. 


What happens if a random-selected employee is not sent for testing?

A driver that is selected for a random test must be tested within the selection period. That selection period is usually a 90 day window. The rules state that the driver needs to report for testing as soon as they are notified. It is VTBA policy to remove companies for not completing all required testing.